2023 Season

2023 Season – A Holiday for Misfits

A Bridge Street Theatre Production

Bridge Street Theatre 2023 Season – A Holiday for Misfits

I think for some uncertain reason,
mercy will be shown this season
to the lovely and misfit …
Tennessee Williams


January 30
HAMLET RIDE by Concrete Temple Theatre
In this 21st Century reimagining of Hamlet the prince returns home to attend father’s funeral as their true self, Hamletta. HAMLET RIDE takes audiences on a fantastical voyage that celebrates differences without labels, and respect without judgment. A showing of the work-in-progress from the January of Concrete Temple Theatre’s residency at Bridge Street Theatre.

 March 10 – April 1 SoloFest

March 10 – 12 THE VILLAGE CIDIOT by Lauren Lettelier
Everyone from generations-long locals to recent COVID-era transplants will find something to relate to in this ultimate fish-out-of-water story about a NYC girl attempting to cope with re-locating upstate.

March 17 – 19 THIS SOIL, THESE SEEDS… by Bonita Jackson
When a young black drama therapist sets out to help three strangers with their mother-daughter issues, she unearths multi-generational trauma that sends all of them into an unexpected family intervention.

March 24 – 26 SPINNING MY WHEELS by Michael Garfield Levine
This roller coaster of a ride takes us from the streets and stages of New York to the hills of Vermont, and into the depths of the psyche as Michael struggles against the overpowering effects of being brought up by his WWII Veteran father.

March 30 – April 1 ALONE: STORIES FROM EDGAR ALLAN POE by Daniel Hall Kuhn 
The horror, the horror! Poems and tales from America’s master of the macabre come thrillingly to life in this one-man show created and performed by an actor BST audiences will recognize from LEWISTON and SHELLEY’S SHADOW.

April 20 – April 30
RUDE MECHANICS by Eric Hissom (World Premiere)
London, January 1612. A theatre in the court of King James. At the eleventh hour a spear-carrier in Shakespeare’s troupe is thrust into a major role, and frantically rehearses for an imminent performance before the Court, on a night fraught with political and romantic intrigue. A fast, funny, slyly anachronistic, and scarily relevant period comedy about the craziness (and the wonder) of trying to create theatre during a time of plague.

May 25 – June 4
EAST OF BERLIN by Hannah Moscovitch (Regional Premiere)
When the son of an escaped Nazi war criminal (still alive and living in Paraguay) and the American daughter of an Auschwitz survivor meet and fall in love in Berlin, what they chose to reveal and conceal from one another brings the past crashing down on them. Love, guilt, and recriminations mix in this theatrical gut-punch from the author of “Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes”.

June 17
Bridge Street Belly Dance

 July 13 – July 23
Our Summer Musical TBD with local high school students and alums.

August 31 – September 10
I AM BARBIE by Walton Beacham (Regional Premiere)
It’s Barbie’s 60th Birthday (she still looks FABULOUS), and she spends it reminiscing about her countless careers, her relationship with Ken and with other characters from her life including GI Joe, She-Ra, and her creators, Ruth Handler and Jack Ryan. A hilarious and surprisingly touching look at what it’s like being a Barbie Girl in a not-so-Barbie world.

October 5 – October 15
THE GLASS MENAGERIE by Tennessee Williams
One of a handful of undisputed American classics. Tennessee William’s poetically autobiographical memory play premiered in 1944 and catapulted its young author from obscurity into fame (and notoriety). We’re presenting Williams’ moving remembrance of family ties, lost dreams, and shattered illusions in its original version, with incidental music composed for the initial production by Paul Bowles.

November 9 – November 19
SYMPATHETIC MAGIC by Lanford Wilson (Regional Premiere)
Part of BST’s mission is to resurrect neglected plays and put them back onstage where they belong. This late and little-known work by one of America’s most revered and beloved playwrights ponders the cosmic in the mundane in the story of a young astrophysicist who makes a potentially world-changing discovery at the same time his long-term companion, a sculptor on the verge of a brilliant career, discovers that she is pregnant with his child.