2022 Season

2022 Fall Season

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SHELLEY’S SHADOW by Brad Fraser (World Premiere Commission)
September 8 – 18. Directed by John Sowle

BST’s first-ever new play commission! Out of work, out of money, and out of ideas, David, a writer in his 60s, gives up his condo and moves into a run-down high-rise apartment building in downtown Toronto. There, his life becomes inexorably entangled in that of his upstairs neighbor Shelley – a gregarious lesbian in her 80s with encroaching Alzheimer’s-related dementia – and her long-time canine companion, Shadow. The curious story of a reluctant care-taker who becomes the backbone of what gradually turns into a kind of family. More …

October 13 – 23. Directed by Margo Whitcomb

After his third marriage falls apart, Jon, an acclaimed novelist and a star professor, is racked with guilt when he finds himself becoming attracted to one of his students. Nineteen-year-old Annie is a big fan of his work and, coincidentally, just happens to live right down the street. As their mutual admiration grows and the sexual tension escalates, the archetypal student-teacher romance gets turned on its head in this compelling new play, winner of the 2021 Canadian Governor General’s Literary Award for English-Language Drama. More …

THE LION IN WINTER by James Goldman
November 10 – 20. Directed by John Sowle

“Well, what family doesn’t have its ups and downs?” Merry Christmas, 1183! King Henry II has just released his estranged wife Eleanor from prison so that the entire back-stabbing royal family can spend the holiday together. He’s getting on in years and a succession must be mapped out. But which of their three sons will end up on the throne? The knives are out, and it looks like this is one Christmas where nobody is going to get what they want. A contemporary American classic (even if it IS set in England). More …