… And Every Tale Condemns Me for a Villain – Reviews and Responses

The show is getting raves from the small audiences who have discovered it. Please be among them!

Roxanne Fay in THRICE TO MINE

Steven Patterson in SHYLOCK

An astonishing tour-de-force accomplishment … It is a great gift to take another look at a familiar story and be so convincingly swayed with a bold, fearless interpretation that your outlook and perception on a character, play and story have been forever altered by this new imagining. That’s what happened to me this past week in Bridge Street Theatre’s recent production of Thrice To Mine, a World Premiere written and performed by the majestic Roxanne Fay. When the play and the character in question are Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, the appreciation for the scholarship, nerve and divine inspiration that goes into creating Thrice To Mine only grows and deepens … Roxanne, through the course of the play, is seen skipping with joy, swooning in love and admiration, and steeling herself against imminent danger. She faces all that life throws at her with a determination and grit that makes you see an indomitable warrior spirit in every woman’s life. The storytelling is masterful, all-encompassing and physical, using every inch of the rough wooden O set designed by John Sowle … An epic, earthly yet mystical adventure of a woman’s triumphant survival in the 11th century.” Patrick White, Nippertown. Read the complete review here.

“Do not assume from this description of Shylock that the presentation of the material is dry or lacks entertainment value.  On the contrary, Patterson is a dynamic and amusing storyteller and an exceptionally physical performer, whose Tubal is constantly on the move, interacting with his listeners, who occasionally respond to his questions and comments.  Every theatrical element is effective in this production: from John Sowle’s set–a round platform, a desk, coat rack and a couple of useful trunks behind which Patterson emerges in period wigs, masks, hats and coats, thanks to Michelle Rogers’ costumes–to Sowle’s creative lighting, to Matthew Given’s impressive music and sound design. Patterson easily transforms from Tubal to Shylock to several other characters in Shakespeare’s play. The most powerful and moving moments in this production are those in which Patterson brings Shylock to life as he fights for his rights and grieves for his losses.  Would that we could see him portray this character in a full production of The Merchant of Venice!  Whether are not you are familiar with the play or the historical references, Tubal will lovingly explain all you need to know.  Advice to the theater going public:  make your way to Bridge Street Theatre and catch this performance of Shylock before it ends on Sunday.” Barbara Waldinger, Berkshire On Stage Read the complete review here.

Shylock, a one-man show starring the incandescent Steven Patterson by Gareth Armstrong, is an excellent exploration of the title character in Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice but oh, so much more. It is a fascinating education on the history of Jews and antisemitism across Europe, representation of Jewish characters in Shakespeare’s time and the meaning behind Shakespeare’s use of these characters at this time … Patterson not only changes characters convincingly in a flash, he can change the temperature in the room.” – Patrick White, Nippertown. Read the complete review here. 

“It has been really distressing how few people are coming to these performances and they are superb! I think Steven’s SHYLOCK is one of the best things I’ve ever seen in a theatre!!! Catskillians are really missing out!!!” Dianne Somma

Saw Roxanne Fay’s dark, magical THRICE TO MINE this afternoon. A brilliant and fascinating tour de force. Not a dull second.” Jane Tower Young

“I saw Roxanne Fay’s passionate performance of her play Thrice to Mine last night. Her performance conveys a sense of palpable authenticity of a pagan cultural world transitioning to medieval Christianity. A feminist perspective on the historical figure of Gruoch ingen Boite, whom Shakespeare’s character of Lady Macbeth is based on, her opportunities for fulfillment in a male-dominant world, being of a royal bloodline subject to the duties of the day. Roxanne brings her alive as a genuine presence and makes her place in Scotland’s early history understandable. Significant relationships are born and die around her while battles for dominance influence her fate. Roxanne lets you fully sense this whirling larger context from her single performer act. Lady Macbeth is alive in Roxanne and you feel all that happens to her never destroys her fierce and intelligent independent spirit. Well worth seeing.”  Patricia Britton

“Inspiring! … Why theater? Go see Roxanne’s Thrice to Mine and you’ll know … If you want to understand Shakespeare, which you do, and if you want to understand (Lady) Macbeth, which you do, and if you want to understand the power of unrepressed writing and acting, which you do (because we all need to be effective), then go see ‘Thrice To Mine’. I can’t recommend any experience more.”  Scott Myers

“Jeff Barrett and I saw both of these yesterday. They are remarkably well done! Brilliant! These are 2 of the best actors you will ever have the opportunity to see. Roxanne Fay has written ‘Thrice to Mine’ beautifully and will have you entranced. Steven Patterson in ‘Shylock’ will teach you, in a most compelling way, some history you never knew. It’s something you can’t miss! Make attending a priority!! Don’t cheat yourself out of this marvelous experience.”  Betsy Barrett

“Wonderful, enlightening, powerful! … ‘Thrice To Mine’, performed by Miss Roxanne Fay at Bridge Street last night was superb! Get there this week to catch her personally written solo show. Strong writing and acting. I’ll give her performance a ‘shameless endorsement’! Get there this week!”  David Allen

“If you are near Catskill, NY do not miss Steven Patterson in Bridge Street Theatre’s presentation of ‘Shylock’. He is a wonder. His performance is incredibly enjoyable and the play is so relevant, and John Sowle’s set is pretty wonderful too. Do see it!”  Renee Phillipi and Carlo Adonolfi, Concrete Temple Theatre

“What a magical story about Lady Macbeth. A must see.”  Linda Polaski Karlsson

“Hope word of mouth spreads and you get the full houses you deserve. I’m so glad you’re revisiting our old friend – he needs friends nowadays!”  Gareth Armstrong

“Steve Patterson is a consummate actor!!!  His performance was one of the most compelling I have ever seen!!  He brought all of the voices to us so vividly.  His physical ability, facial expressions– all enhanced the performance. How exceptional he is!” Anne Riley