2021 Season


The Margaret Hamilton Stories

John Ahlin
Jean Tafler

The amazing tale of how a gentle kindergarten teacher from Cleveland scared the living daylights out of every last one of us…and the brains, heart, and courage it took to be America’s character woman.

In a surprising, fun, haunting, and delightful evening, Jean Tafler portrays Margaret Hamilton, whose Wicked Witch of the West has left an indelible mark on us all. If there is one movie we all share it is The Wizard of Oz, but it is time to pay attention to the woman behind the cackle.

Spend 85 wonderful minutes with Margaret Hamilton, for she has true and terrific stories to tell.


My Witch: The Margaret Hamilton Stories is Spellbinding…

A Brilliant New Play.  
Everything great theater can be, and then even more.
Thrilling, entertaining and interesting…
Jean Tafler is a real pro and outstanding as Margaret Hamilton.
The audience was under her spell from the show’s opening.
She commands the stage and cagily moves about with a kinetic energy.
Jean Tafler gives a brilliant, strong Tony Award caliber performance…
Effortlessly displaying her talent, skills and gifts as an actor.
A Must See!