Announcing Auditions for THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES

Seeking local AEA and non-union talent for:


Theatre: Bridge Street Theatre, 44 W. Bridge Street, Catskill, NY 12414 (

Director: Flo Hayle

First rehearsal: October 1, 2019. Rehearsals Tuesdays through Sundays.

Opening/Closing: October 17-27, 2019.  Thursdays-Saturdays @ 7:30pm, Sundays at 2:00pm

An open call will be held at the theater in Catskill on Saturday, August 10 from 12-2. Please bring a headshot and resume to the audition with you.

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Character Breakdown for Available Roles:

NETTIE CLEARY:  Middle-aged. Upper middle-class background. Once very attractive. Feels trapped in a disappointing and contentious marriage. She’s compensated by being overly-protective of her son, and is hurt and confused now that he’s returned from WWII a different person than when he left.

JOHN CLEARY: Middle-aged. Nettie’s husband, son of an impoverished Irish immigrant family. Bitterly frustrated that he’s never fulfilled what he feels was his potential. A philanderer. A drinker. He can be charming, but is more generally irascible, stubborn, defensive, and set in his ways.

TIMMY CLEARY: Early 20s. John and Nettie’s son. A sensitive child, never close to his father and overly-protected by his mother, he’s now returned from three years in the Army in WWII with a more complete understanding of the ways the family’s dynamics. Witty and charming (and with a new fondness for alcohol), Timmy probably resembles the man his father must have been when he was young.

Bridge Street Theatre is located approximately 45 minutes south of Albany. All rehearsals and performances will take place in Catskill. Union actors will appear under a Special Appearance contract at $262 per week. Non-union performers will receive a stipend of $200 per week. No work weeks will accrue for either EMC points or health insurance. Housing and one-time round-trip transportation are available to actors living outside a 50-mile radius of Catskill.