2019 Season

PACKRAT by Concrete Temple Theatre

A Bridge Street Theatre Presentation

November 22 - 24 Friday through Saturday @ 7:30, Sunday @ 2:00

Concrete Temple Theatre’s

Created by: Renee Philippi and Carlo Adinolfi
Written and Directed by: Renee Philippi
Designed by: Carlo Adinolfi
Original Music by: Lewis Flinn

PACKRAT is a new multi-media puppetry play that contemplates humanity’s relationship with the natural world. Inspired by the classic survival and adventure novel, “Watership Down,” PACKRAT follows one peculiar rodent on his vivacious journey to discover the interconnectedness of life.

Set deep in the Sagebrush Desert, PACKRAT is a puppet-forward new multi-media play that contemplates humanity’s relationship with the natural world. At the center of the action is Bud, a peculiar rodent with a penchant for hoarding humankind’s goods. When a discarded cigar sparks a wild fire, the animals in Bud’s valley flee for their lives. Already an outcast among the desert animals for his hoarding instincts, he gets blamed for the human-made disasters infiltrating their lives. When they ban him from the community, Bud must set out alone amidst a raging fire, to confront human-made dangers and a few natural ones. PACKRAT is a poignant account of Bud’s journey to find his place in the world, and his ultimate realization that the interconnectedness of life rules the day.