Reviews of Casse Noisette

“Memorable and extraordinary, highly effective and moving, active and alive and intense, ‘Casse Noisette’ wins my heart thanks to five fine actors, an intensely visionary director, and a superbly talented playwright … The play may be a comedy, but death still rears back and kicks up more than once. But in a shot of optimism the play ends with fact and fiction blending into a far-reaching premise that is both satisfying and sad … There are days when viewing remarkable theater is exactly what you need. Or at least it’s what I need. On Saturday November 10, I had just that sort of day.” –  J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

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“An ambitious, long and grandly imagined play getting an impressive world premiere at Bridge Street Theatre … Bridge Street co-founder John Sowle, whose direction is always reliably clear-eyed and astute, here seems inspired by ‘Casse Noisette,” bringing lyricism and generous sensitivity to what ultimately is a tragic story … Given how well it works in the world premiere, it’s easy to imagine the play’s potential if backed by the resources of Barrington Stage or even Broadway. That the world premiere of a quality play likely due for future acclaim would happen in a two-year-old, 84-seat theater in Catskill ought to be a source of pride for the company, the village and our region.” – Steve Barnes, Albany Times Union

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“Mesmerizing … ‘Casse Noisette’ presents an original concept and scintillating performances … The director finds both the humor and the pathos in this play, often changing on a dime … Miraculous. Wonderfully comic. Heartbreaking.”  Barbara Waldinger, Berkshire On Stage

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A Selection of Audience Comments

“One of the most stirring shows I’ve ever seen. Remarkable story, cast, director…if you don’t see this now, you are truly missing a once in a lifetime experience. Go! Experience this! Just go!”  Betsy Barrett

“Congratulations John and Bridge Street Theatre for producing this ravishing, rending World Premiere!”   Patrick White

“Saw it last night. Fantastic show. Deeply moving. Brilliant acting, great, totally original writing. Go see this!”  Joseph Weisberg

“Always a thought provoking production at Bridge Street Theatre. Saw it last night, and who would have thought we’d have Ballet and Tchaikovsky in Catskill? With a twist…?❤️”  David Allen

“Fantastic show!” Pat Jason

“Go for the acting…and the Proscenium arch and the curtain…oh, yes…the story…human and humane.”  Scott Myers

“Brilliant play – excellent actors!”  Sandra Levey

“This is wonderful!”  Patricia Britton

“Awesome!”  Francesca Avani

“And sometimes you get to drive up to the beautiful Catskill mountains and spend a fervid weekend at Bridge Street Theatre with amazing artists all working on your play. I am the luckiest man alive to have spent time in the rehearsal hall with John Sowle, Steven Patterson, Jason Kellerman, Bradley Levine, Nancy O Graham, Jason Guy, and Serena Vesper … What a world they are creating – in 1893 St. Petersburg, in present day Washington state, and in Candyland. So much excitement!”  Michael Whistler

“Thank you John Sowle and Michael Whistler for the chance to work on this wonderful piece. ‘It all happened so fast, no one questioned it. No one could do anything but watch with their jaws agape…’” Jason Kellerman

“Love these people, this show, and this theatre. What a wild ride.”  Bradley Levine

“My daughter & I really liked the play. Can’t get the ethereal melody of the Sugar Plum Fairy out of my mind!”  Barbara C. Lubell

“What a wonderful weekend in the Catskills to see Michael Whistler’s new play, ‘Casse Noisette’! We had a wonderful dinner with friends on Saturday before seeing a truly inspiring production. Thanks to everyone for coming to see Mike’s beautiful play and congratulations to my love and everyone involved in the production!”  James Haskins

“It was wonderful!!”  Tom Illari

“What a breath of fresh air! Brilliant script, extraordinary cast! …  An exciting, gratifying evening of theater! I’m so glad I was able to see it. Bravo!”  Roseann Cane