2022 Season

marion spencer and collaborators

July 16, 2022

Catwalk Institute (in partnership with Bridge Street Theatre) presents
to love the rise/pt.2
Saturday July 16, 2022 @ 7:30pm

General Admission $15, Students ages 21 and under $10
Tickets can also be purchased at the door one half hour prior to the performance (subject to availability)

Following a developmental residency at Catwalk Institute, Brooklyn-based marion spencer and collaborators will present a live public performance of a new work entitled “to love the rise/pt.2” at Catskill’s Bridge Street Theatre on Saturday July 16, 2022, at 7:30pm.

“to love the rise/pt.2” is an emerging/ongoing multimedia dance project directed by Marion Spencer and including artists Ogemdi Ude, Symara Johnson, Kimiko Tanabe, Tara Sheena, s. lumbert and slowdanger. Here’s her description of the project:

“to love the rise/ pt.2 is an emerging/ongoing multimedia dance project including directed by marion spencer and including artists Ogemdi Ude, Symara Johnson, Kimiko Tanabe, Tara Sheena, s. lumbert and slowdanger. Taking lessons from abolition, liminal space, transformation, and Donna Haraway’s ‘A Cyborg Manifesto,’ our process continues developing through a previously imagined and now lived apocalypse, offering visions of a world built from the detritus of our current one. Reflecting upon Mariame Kaba’s writings on abolition and transformative justice, we collectively consider how we move forward with scars, embracing an alternative order. Emerging on a different imaginative plane, a new utopia and all her elements are built by our collective, collaging moving and grooving, sensing and sounding, constructing and deconstructing, finding and losing order to arrive together in a transformed ecology of sensing, imagination, and action. We offer an anti-capitalist mindset and alternative order in this project, posing that our world is made by us, by us all- through resistance, imagining and action.”

According to her website, Marion Spencer is “an interdisciplinary dance artist currently living on the unceded land of the Munsee Lenape and Canarsie peoples, known today as Brooklyn, NY. I propose dance and dance making as salvor – cellularly, individually, sociopolitically, societally. ​Amidst a creative process including movement, vocalization, and collaging that are rigorously researched and rigorously intuitive, I dance and make dances to dream and make dreams alive, ​inviting you to journey terrains of my imagination.”