2024 Season

Bridge Street Belly Dance – everyplace is life

A Special Event at Bridge Street Theatre

June 22, 2024 7:30 pm

We’re bringing the “street” to Bridge Street Belly Dance in 2024, as we celebrate our seventh show of innovation, growth, and storytelling through movement and dance.

Bridge Street Belly Dance is excited to collaborate once again in 2024 with poet Alysia Quinn. This year’s showcase explores the concept of holding pain & beauty in the same breath.

The evening will feature brand new artists and styles including world renowned multi-disciplinary artist from Las Vegas, Jesse Sykes, who incorporates elements of different styles of street dance into his artistry and storytelling.


Jesse Sykes, Haze Kim, Obsidian Dance Company, The Lunachix, Francesca Avani, Minh Nguyen & Haze Kim, The Gerudo Vagrants, Inga Petermann, Cult of Yes, Yvonne Michelle, The Bridge Street Project


i don’t know your story,
but i know you’ve
been through it.
because something happens to us
after we’ve gone through
a time of significant darkness,
after we’ve died a little,
after we give grief its rightful name.
we begin listening to our bodies,
and the next thing we know,
we’re noticing sunsets
and the way the trees sway
before a storm.
and we settle in, we soften.
we see people with stories,
not just circumstances.
we stand differently.
we view pain differently.
because we are alive
in a whole new way.

-a.quinn, “hold her, but let her go”


Jesse Sykes is a multi-disciplinary artist hailing from Layton, Utah. Growing up with an affinity for music when he stumbled across his first cypher he fell deeply in love with street dance. That ignited a relentless passion inside him to pursue this to the very ends of the world. Fast forward eighteen years and Jesse has been teaching, battling, doing panels and sharing this gift all over the world, aiming to empower other artists through his example and humanness. His sole purpose with art is to remind us of the superpowers we all have, whilst giving structure to unlock our true potential and realize the tools we have within. As his journey further develops, Jesse has fallen in love with the style of dance waving and is on a mission to create platforms for the waving community globally.