Lion Facebook Comments

LION IN WINTER Facebook Comments

Victoria Bastian
Tonight was amazing and so powerful. Your theater has made me fall in love with theater…I am just so in awe of the total theater experience and sad that it took us all these years to find it but we were busy raising kids etc. so now it’s our turn to as I say “get Cultured”.

Evan Jones
Great work with “Lion”! I hope you have a tremendous run with sold out houses.

Anne Forbes Cooper
Great performances, great play. You guys rarely disappoint.

Lisa Schlossberg DiPietro
The play was wonderful! Thank you!

Marie Greco
A royal Family gathers for Christmas.  It was very enjoyable and often reminded me of family reunions I have experienced and that made me laugh!  Don’t miss it!

Gilda Riccardi
Enjoyed it immensely, thank you!

Beth Troxell
What a complete treat to be in your world tonight!! Thank you for really giving the audience the best of Bridge Street with so much heart and vibrancy!! Such smart direction and fabulous performances on a beautiful set! Please send my very best to your cast as well!! What a terrific ensemble wrapped around the beautiful performances of a proud King and Queen!! My gentlemen you’ve done it again with so much grace! Bravo!

Michael Garfield Levine
Absolutely LOVED the show last night! Kudos to everyone involved in bringing this powerful production to life! We were thoroughly engaged every moment.

David Simpatico
Congrats on a terrific performance last night, I went with my husband and we both loved it. Lovely ensemble of power players on that stage, awesome work. I especially dug the dynamic between Henry and Eleanor. Wonderful!

Tom Illari
Great production! Loved it!

Hudson Talbott
As I say almost every time I leave the Bridge St. Theater – “I can’t believe this is in Catskill”. You pay big bucks for theater like this in the city.

Barbara C. Lubell
BST is a true gift to the community, to Catskill.

Donna Crouch Ward
Outstanding!!! Beautiful costumes.