BST Announces Auditions for Casse Noisette

Photo/Resume Request for the world premiere production of Michael Whistler’s CASSE NOISETTE

Submissions from Equity, EMC, and non-Equity actors are currently being accepted by Bridge Street Theatre in Catskill, NY for its world premiere production of Michael Whistler’s CASSE NOISETTE. Equity actors cast will be employed under a Special Appearance contract at $254/wk. No work weeks will accrue for either EMC points or health insurance. Housing, most meals, and one-time round trip transportation are available to artists from outside a 50-mile radius of Catskill. All non-Union talent will receive a stipend of $200/week. Auditions will be held in both Manhattan and in Catskill – please specify with your submission which location you would prefer.

To submit, please email your headshot, resume and audition location preference to ASAP. Deadline for submission is Sunday 8/12/2018. Those selected to audition will be contacted for an appointment and provided with sides to prepare and an audition date, time, and place. Bridge Street Theatre is located at 44 West Bridge Street in Catskill, NY.

CASSE NOISETTE  by Michael Whistler
World Premiere
Directed by John Sowle
The life of composer Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky collides with that of a closeted high school teacher obsessed with Tchaikovsky’s music. The story of a quiet man and some very loud music.
Rehearsals begin: October 23  Runs: November 8 – 18

Looking for:

Joe Jessup/Pyotr Illych Tchaikovsky – 50s. JOE is quiet and diligent: a closeted high school Earth Science’s teacher, and a man who understands the value of patience and self-negation. He is used to not getting exactly what he might wish for. TCHAIKOVSKY is a musical genius, homosexual (though not openly), enormously charismatic, deeply emotional, explosive. By turns sullen, petulant, demanding, and more than a little exasperating.

Nancy Klein/Antonietta Dell’era – Around 40. NANCY is a high school English teacher, very warm and open. She laughs too easily, probably cries too easily as well if anyone were ever around to see. DELL’ERA is Prima Ballerina of the Imperial Ballet. A voluptuous woman with majestic hauteur. MUCH larger than life. She speaks with an almost ludicrous Italian accent. Must also sing as part of a three-part a cappella vocal arrangement of “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”

Marc Maynes/Modeste Illych Tchaikovsky/ConsortMARC is a gym teacher, 35+, not un-charming, but a man who honestly believes valuable life lessons can be learned in dodgeball. MODESTE is a businessman who wishes to be an artist. Sharp, a little sly, and not sentimental: a good balance for his brother. CONSORT is in service to the Sugar Plum Fairy. Must also sing as part of a three-part a cappella vocal arrangement of “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”.

Sasha Illynovna Davidov/Sugar Plum Fairy –  40s. SASHA, sister to Pyotr and Modeste, is placid and quite beautiful: a truly porcelain face, which seems to rest in a fixed calm. A riding injury has left her in constant pain and hopelessly addicted to opium. SUGAR PLUM FAIRY – a version of the fairy from “The Nutcracker”. She is somewhat ethereal and, for the purposes of the play, represents a vision of grace, innocence, and redemption. Must be able to dance en pointe.

Blaine/Vladimir “Bob” Levovitch Davidov – Early 20s. BLAINE is a young gay runaway, working for a phone sex chatline. Unpredictable, a little lost, always testing boundaries. Coltish, boyishly sexy. BOB, son of Sasha, nephew to Modeste and Tchaikovsky, a still unformed and naive young man; unsure which road to take, unsure if he will take any. Must also sing as part of a three-part a cappella vocal arrangement of “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”.