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The Tavern
Robert Ragaini (Freeman) and Gabriel James (Zach) in THE TAVERN
Photo by John Sowle

The Tavern Photo 2
Louise Pillai (Violet) and Kane Presetenback (The Vagabond) in THE TAVERN
Photo by John Sowle

The Tavern Photo 3
From left, Brett Owan (Tom Allen), Alexandra Doggette (The Governor's Daughter), Elisabeth Henry (The Governor's Wife), Kane Prestenback (The Vagabond) and David Smilow (The Governor) in THE TAVERN
Photo by John Sowle

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John Sowle, Managing Director:
Steven Patterson, Associate Director:
Administration: 1-518-943-3894
Box Office: 1-518-943-3818
John Sowle Cell: 1-518-478-5982
Steven Patterson Cell: 1-917-843-8556

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